"Open it."

Mia brought me one of her dolls tonight. She wanted me to "take moff." She wanted me to take dolly's dress off. Okay. No problem. Apparently it was. Baby Doll is one of those dolsl that has a plastic head and plastic appendages with the soft cloth body. Mia must have thought it was a onesie or something. "NO MOMMY. Take MOFF. OPEN IT. Baby bellbutton go?" She was confused. She looks so cute with that face on. :)

* * * * * * *

I finished my second week of work this week. I'm enjoying myself very much. This week and last week, I started at 7 and next week I'll be starting my 6am start! Ah! The work is fun and interesting and I'm beginning to feel like a part of the lab and not so much like the new girl anymore. The whole new girl thing wasn't ever a REAL new girl thing anyway since I'd worked with at least 3 of the girls already. Good times.

I'm looking forward to starting the phlebotomy course in a week or so. I have to wait until the university opens back up to register, and I'm hoping there's still space available. I've been emailing back and forth with the doctor's assistant and she said she'd make sure I don't have any problems getting in...if I understood her correctly.

Mia and I will be partying by ourselves tonight. Rus will join us in spirit (and as my PC desktop). Mom will join us as soon as she gets off work. We've got a fun filled night planned complete with sparkling wine, sparkling apple juice, and pigs in blankets!