I talked to BDB yesterday and I think I'm being swayed by his Pledge arguement. It does in fact seem to be unconstitutional to force the Pledge of Allegiance down the throats of teachers and schoolchildren. While I strongly uphold that the Pledge is a beautiful recitation and proclamation of love for God and our great nation, it doesn't belong in schools. While students may have the option to sit it out or just zippa their lippas, what grade school child is going to say it or not say for the right reasons? And what would those impressionable young ones think about having a teacher that mouthed the words to the Pledge with no sound coming out? I'm sure there is more than one teacher out there that is secretly or maybe not secretly satisfied with the court's ruling. So the pledge shouldn't be in school....where then is a Pledge to go? OutJet I'm leaving this one up to you. See if you can put in a word a Jacob's Field...maybe all those baseball fans can say the Pledge at the 7th inning stretch instead of making a run for the nearest hot dog vendor.