Wow. Thanks for pointing that out OJ. Hooters Air. I knew they were cookin up somethin...but I didn't know HOA would really come through....if you can call having only 3 arr/depart cities "coming through." From Newark, Myrtle Beach or Atlanta, you can fly (with infant on lap at no extra charge) to Newark, Myrtle Beach, or Atlanta. The benefits of flying Hooters Air include, but are not limited to:

Easy to Buy! Easy to Fly!
Common Sense Pricing! One price each destination, all seats!
Non stop service
One Way Fares
No Advance Purchase requirements
No Saturday Night stay requirements - travel when you want!
Fares are valid any time - no black out dates, no walk-up price hikes!
Extra Leg Room!
One class configuration in the cabin - We call it Club class!
All Leather Seats
The best Customer Service! The same great Flight Crews plus two Hooters Girls provided by Hooters of America Restaurants.
A great experience that enlivens the senses and puts the Fun back in flying!

Sorry folks, no wings. Just time-of-day appropriate snacks.

Even in the middle of June, Mia and I could both travel from Myrtle Beach to Atlanta and then BACK to Myrtle Beach for only 129.00 USD. Not too shabby. I wonder if I'd get a discount if I wore my uniform...