The benefits of 35mm....this post is especially important for parents to read.

Being the newshound I am, I was google searching for more detailed stories on the Laci Peterson investigation and came across this Jacksonville, Florida news station website. Before I got a chance to locate the Peterson article this title grabbed my attention: The "red eye" effect in pictures could help save your child's life. Immediately when I saw the pictures of Madison Sandlin, I remembered some pictures of Mia I thought looked funny. Madison's eye reflected white; Mia's pictures didn't have that in common, but a few pictures did bother me. In one picture of Mia, her entire left eye is blacked out while her right eye reflected red. In another photo, her right eye reflected back a lot more of the flash than her left. The pictures along with the article made me think, and the fact that Mia usually has what appears to be a black eye (the kind you get after you've been injured) made me a little concerned.

So Mia had an appointment with her doctor this afternoon and while she responded very well to the light testing, Dr. Jones and one of his colleagues notices that her retinas aren't entirely symmetrical. My baby girl has been referred to a Pediatric Ophthalmologist who will conduct a more thorough exam to cast away any lingering worries or concerns.

The moral of this story: Snap a roll of 35mm once in awhile folks. I'm all about the digital, but my DV isn't the camera that resulted in Mia's appointment today.