An unfortunate sequence of events...

Yep. An UNFORTUNATE sequence of events kept me from getting to work today. Mia did exceptionally not well with the whole sleeping thing last night. She was so fidgety and restless last night, I didn't get to sleep until around 4:30 or 5. Then the dollface got up at 6. Nice. She was up for about an hour and conked back out. My alarm was set for 7:55. Sheila was supposed to be here at 8 to get Mia, but I knew she would be late...so why sacrifice sleep? Anyway...I must have turned OFF my alarm when it went off. I woke up at 9 wondering why the hour of sleep I was supposed to get seemed so long in dreamland and how close my alarm was to disturbing my slumber. D'oh!! So...9 o'clock...seemed a little late for Sheila. I headed downstairs, looked out the window...no sign. So I decided I would hop in the shower and I should open the front door so she would know someone was here and might just come on in. The door was unlocked, so I pulled it open only to find a note she had scrawled when she apparently showed up at 8:30 and "no one was home." So...it's 9, I'm sick, Mia's sick, I'm tired, Mia's not, I seemingly have no babysitter...work in an hour. Yeah, no. I called my manager, explained the situation and actually managed to cry on the phone (didn't try to, I'm just that emotional). He said it wasn't a problem and that he had too many girls scheduled anyway and was going to send two home. So. It's good that that worked out okay. But I seriously need to start looking for another job...particularly a job where if I need to call in sick one day...I don't have only ONE day left to work that week. Not good.

Anyway, Sheila came back over here from Farm Fresh, arriving at 10:15...exactly the time I'm supposed to be at work. It would have been nice of her to mention coming back in her note. She said she figured I was in the shower or something. Right...so then why the "no one here"? Whatever. She took Mia so I could rest and "[she] would be more than happy to keep her over night so [I] don't have another sleepless one." Thanks, but no, I'll just rest up.

I probably don't need to be at work coughing all over everyone anyway. But they'll all get sick tomorrow...suckers.