Ignorance is bliss...And then someone points it out.

Mike (12:10:30 AM): you there tonight, or are you just teasing again? [referring to my FOOLED YOU idle message.]
OhranjShorts (12:12:48 AM): no. i'm here.
Mike (12:13:00 AM): ah. okay.
Mike (12:13:11 AM): How are you tonight? Busy?
OhranjShorts (12:13:28 AM): Not at the moment.
OhranjShorts (12:13:34 AM): Are you at work or something?
Mike (12:14:07 AM): yup. kinda. My shift was over a little while ago. I just stayed on to abuse the internet privaleges.
OhranjShorts (12:14:20 AM): Good stuff.
Mike (12:15:17 AM): so... how's Mia doing?
OhranjShorts (12:15:29 AM): She's fine. She's with her dad tonight.
OhranjShorts (12:17:36 AM): It's the first time he's had her overnight.
OhranjShorts (12:17:46 AM): So I've got my cell phone on and available.
Mike (12:19:20 AM): That must be exciting for the dad. First time taking care of a kid for him?
OhranjShorts (12:19:28 AM): Yeah.
OhranjShorts (12:19:38 AM): He's spent a lot of time with her over here.
OhranjShorts (12:19:42 AM): So he should be okay.
OhranjShorts (12:20:05 AM): He's called twice just to ask about feeding and how she prefers to be put to bed.
Mike (12:20:27 AM): That's good. I hope you two work things out.
OhranjShorts (12:20:46 AM): We're friends.
OhranjShorts (12:20:50 AM): There is no working things out.
OhranjShorts (12:20:53 AM): I don't like him.
Mike (12:21:04 AM): hmmm... maybe that's not what I meant.
Mike (12:21:28 AM): work it out enough that Mia gets a mommy and a daddy.
Mike (12:21:59 AM): at least in her life. you two don't have to like each other.
OhranjShorts (12:22:45 AM): she has that. and i plan to get married one day and give her a really good role model and a shining example of a successful marriage.
OhranjShorts (12:23:05 AM): as far as shawn goes, he just needs to be there for her and she needs to know that he takes an active interest in her life.
Mike (12:24:22 AM): well.. it's just that I really truely wonder how all these outa wedlock kids is goin' to affect the country.
OhranjShorts (12:24:37 AM): excuse me?
Mike (12:24:43 AM): *sighs* Maybe I just know too many single mothers.
OhranjShorts (12:25:24 AM): what exactly are you trying to say? **note** any conversations we have are subject to posting
Mike (12:26:22 AM): please don't post. I had a terrible fight with a friend of mine over the asumption of privacy like this.
OhranjShorts (12:27:05 AM): well a. we're not really friends..and b. i'm really interested to here what kind of "effect" you think my daughter is going to have on society.
OhranjShorts (12:29:42 AM): I hope you're typing. Because I would hate to think that my posting a conversation would effect whatever ignorant remark you were going to make before my disclaimer.
Mike signed off at 12:31:21 AM.

Apparently it did.

[edit] He came back using the "faulty internet defense."

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** Except the AIM identity of the ignorant, this conversation has not been altered.