Rus came home on Sunday. FINALLY. My friend Tracie and I went with her boyfriend's mom to meet the ship (neither of us have military ID's or base passes) at the pier. I was surprised that the three of us were three of the 6 people out of about 50-60 that actually dressed up. I wore a strapless knee-length dress. It's white with pink and brown pinstripes...very cute. Anyway, the other military girlfriends/wives/children were wearing jeans, halter tops, t-shirts...I don't get it. Everyone says, "Oh, everyone dresses up when they're gone for 6 months." Oh, so when they're only gone for two months, looking nice for homecoming isn't important? I don't think so. Any time away is worth the effort.

After the ship pulled in, they let us walk down the pier and we filed onto the cruiser and met our sailors in the mess decks. It was pretty neat. I'd never been on his ship before.

Mia was very happy to see Rus. When he was gone for 3 weeks in April (was it April?), she was very upset with him when he got home. This time, she gave him a big hug and a kiss and has kicked me off the cuddle couch to take my spot more than a couple times.

We've got big plans this weekend, too. On Friday we're going up to Richmond with his mom and spending the night at her cousin's house. We'll be back on Saturday in time for me to get to work, and actually hopefully a little earlier than that so we can make an appearance at his friend's going away party.

On Sunday, we'll be heading down to Duck, NC to spend time with MY family. :) We're going to leave between 8 and 9 so we'll be there between 10 and 12 depending on traffic.