We're back on top, baby.

I'm 3 for 3 again. The lab I interviewed at last Monday called this morning and I will be contacted by Human Resources sometime soon to set up my physical, PPD, and drug test. No poppyseed muffins for me!

The hours are .75FTE (30 hours a week), 6am- 12pm and that is JUST PERFECT because I won't have to have Mia in daycare anymore. So I'll basically be breaking even but saving the money I would have spent on daycare vs. working full-time. I'll be starting the day after I get back from Ohio.

Also, I'll only have to pay for benefits for about a month. After that, I'll be covered by the Navy.

As for that Phlebotomy class, Rus & I will be paying for that, as it should be anyway. Now I just have to hope enough OTHER people have the money to take it and fill the class to ensure it being offered.