If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

My car will be TRYING to pass inspection again on Monday. Actually, it's not so bad. I just need a couple light bulbs and an exhaust pipe (the big long one had been patched previously and now it just needs to be replaced). Fortunately, those repairs are well within my "annual inspection budget."

Mia is doing much better. I didn't mention it earlier, but she's had an ear infection accompanied by some vomiting (from both ends). Gross. Thank goodness for potty-trained babies!! She does require a lot of "pick it up huggies," and that's fine with me.

My shoes and my veil arrived today. I got the shoes from Dyeable Shoe Store (.com), but they're not dyeable. I got my veil from veilshop.com and it's beautiful, but not QUITE the right shade. I guess everyone's "antique white" is different. I'll be exchanging it.

My flight to Pensacola is secured...actually, my THREE flights for that day are secured. I opted to take a route with TWO stops to save some dinero.

With all these crazy purchases, the veil, the shoes, the plane ticket, Rus' ring...my bank thought my card was STOLEN and put a block on it. That's nice, but I told them next time it would be NICER if they would wait until I REPORTED it stolen. I had one of those horrible moments today where my card was DECLINED and you all know how that is, you're all like "WHAT?! I KNOW I have money in there!!" and the person waiting for payment is all like, "Yeah, I hate when that happens," but they're really thinking, "YEAH RIGHT! You're broke and your cards are maxed, you're a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE person!!!"

Yeah, I had one of THOSE moments today. Argh.