Blue lines.

Blue lines, was actually my own lack of creativity. Thanks for the wake-up on that one. I'm trying to pull myself out of boredom with my site.

I have tons of exciting things going on right now, despite my lack of posting. But they're the same things they were last time I posted. Mia is still adorable and totally brilliant. Rus is still the best boyfriend on Earth. Meghan is still pregnant. I am still in school. I still live at home. And in this "Still Life" (nice title, eh?), I am constantly moving forward and constantly on the brink of change...On the Brink....that could be a title too, no?

Here's some tidbits: In the past two days, I've acquired a new cell phone number (twice)...by the way, are you "in"? I am. And today, I got my car back. Rus took it to the dealership for me and I'm excited (although slightly disappointed) to say that it cost $152.02 LESS to get it fixed at Hall Nissan than it was going to at Japanese Automasters (the mechanics I've loved and trusted for so so long). So. Who knows where that leaves that auto-relationship? I do.